Creative Writing is a one -semester course that focuses on descriptive writing and non-fictional narrative writing during the Fall Semester Course, and on non-fictional narrative writing and poetry during the Spring Semester Course. It is a low-pressure class designed to evoke students’ creative talents; therefore, almost all work is done within the classroom setting under teacher guidance. There is minimal homework. In Creative Writing students will read and analyze the published writings of both professional and student authors from various books and periodicals in order to model literary types and techniques. Students will learn how to incorporate the following literary techniques within their own writing: figurative language; imagery; description; plot line: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution; characterization; realistic dialogue; point of view; conflict; and the poetic elements of comparison, poetic imagery, line breaks, and word music. The culminating project of this class is the production and publication of a high school literary magazine, entitled The Flame, published at the end of each school year, in May. In addition, students will seek out publication in various public venues that will include but not be restricted to The High School Writer, Teen Ink, Writing Magazine, and various writing and essay contests.