Click on the link of the curriculum page that you wish to change.
Open the link from the download folder and place it on the desktop.
Make the changes that you wish to make and save and close the file, leaving the closed file on the desktop.
Sign in to the wikispace.

To delete the old file and to upload the changed file onto the wiki:
Click on EDIT in the upper right hand corner of the main page on which your file is shown.
Click on the old file and then hit the delete button.
Place the cursor in the exact spot in which you want the new file to appear.
On the Editor bar, click the icon that is green - it is the one to the left of the TV icon.
When the Images and Files box opens, click on upload file.
When the Images and Files box changes, click on the upload file button.
Locate the proper file on the desktop box that will open, highlight the file you want, and click select.
When the icon for the file you just uploaded appears, double click the icon.