Welcome to Jim Thorpe High School's English Data Room!

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A virtual information room where members of the high school English Department can share data, ideas, and concerns in order to improve the high school English curriculum


  • To coordinate and improve curriculum

  • To create curriculum that meets the needs of the 21st Century student

  • To increase cooperation among department staff

  • To improve student classroom learning

  • To improve standardized testing scores

  • To improve student motivation

Jim Thorpe High School English Staff:

  • Mr. Robert Kovac, Jr.: 9 Honors English, 9 English

  • Ms. Amanda Hydro: Journalism, 10 English, 10 Applied Communications

  • Miss. Shelly Miller: 9 English, 9 Applied English, 11 Honors English World Literature

  • Mrs. Trudy Miller: Creative Writing I, Creative Writing II, AP English, 11 Applied Communications, Department Chair, Keystone Recovery

  • Mrs. Christine Rosenberger: Drama, Speech, 12 English, 12 Applied Communications

  • Mr. Thomas Ward: College English I, College English II, 10 Honors English American Literature, 11 English

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